With music festivals struggling to compete for the dollar these days, they are all trying to come up with a new way to draw people in and those cheeky Europeans seem to have found the answer. Nudity.

Roskilde Festival has had a nude running race as part of their festival for several years now with images doing the rounds after the festival each year of blonde nordic types with their junk out running for their lives. Now there are a couple of new players on the scene. The nude mud wrestling is an event that happens at the “Secret Garden Party” an independent arts and music festival in England I’d watch that. It looks like a laugh.

There is also the Oppikoppi Run which I’m not entirely sure where it is or even if it’s at a music festival but it’s another nude run.

Obviously Burning Man is famous for it’s relaxed attitude towards nudity even if there isn’t actually anywhere near as much as people expect. I think it should all be encouraged, obviously.