This is just a quick update on last night’s post. Tony Abbott became our FORMER-Prime Minister last night after his own party voted him out of the leadership. While the party policies are unlikely to change drastically we now have a Prime Minister and an Opposition Leader who support marriage equality.

Tony lost the vote 54-44 and promptly disappeared from sight until something like 16 hours later. At 12.30 today he made a speech acknowledging his defeat and his speech was nothing short of self-serving, completely lacking in grace or dignity and accepting not one scrap of blame for the situation he was in. This is a man that appointed himself as Minister for Women despite only having one woman in his cabinet of 19 members and a history of very misogynistic views.

Malcolm Turnbull is still on the same team but is a much more liberal thinker. Here’s hoping it leads to some good change. In his speech last night he actually acknowledged that the government needed to talk to the public as if they weren’t stupid. Revolutionary.