Any minute now here in Australia there is a formal vote happening to wrest the leadership of our nation from the most incompetent man who has ever been in charge. Malcolm Turnbull has announced a challenge to take over leadership and while he is far from perfect (we don’t seem to have any good contenders on either side) he will be a great change from Tony. Tony has done so many backflips on policy that he should take up gymnastics and the only legislation his government has passed have been borderline criminal.

The Human Rights Commission has said our governments policy on asylum seekers and our treatment of them is inhumane but good old Tony just said that he won’t be bullied by the Commission. One of our leading political journalists just last week in an interview with Tony said that he had been a great Opposition Leader but had failed miserably as Prime Minister. Tony is only capable of repeating three-word slogans and bizarrely eating onions whole and raw.

Hopefully we will have a new leader in the next hour or so. That will most likely lead to an early election instead of in the second half of next year as expected. Hopefully in that time one of our politicians will step up and make some strong policy decisions and show some leadership.