Anyone who does anything creative, whether it be fashion, photography, painting or even hair and makeup will know that you are influenced by people that have come before. It may be a vague inspiration or very obvious. One of my earliest influences with photography, or someone I admired a lot, was Herb Ritts. Herb has taken some iconic images that are being ripped off or replicated over and over. His approach to photographing the form was clean, simple and striking.

These images of Logan Swiecki Taylor for Rufskin seem heavily influenced in a great way by the late Herb Ritts. I’m not sure who the photographer is but they know what they are doing. The lighting is beautiful and Logan looks amazing. Of course, this joins the ranks of beautiful imagery created to promote a fashion label that actually features none of the fashion but I’m completely on board with that.

There are actually a couple of little details that have been missed in editing the photos which I would have been shredded for if I’d done them at work, even if a lot of people wouldn’t even notice them. For me it doesn’t affect the outcome. The images and the model look amazing.