As it warms up here in Sydney my thoughts are naturally turning to a hopefully long hot summer and lots of naked time relaxing. There are the natural choices for nude relaxation and recreation that we all think of like the nude beach, private pools even camping. I’m wondering what are the out-of-the-ordinary things that people do nude. It seems only natural to me that my blog which is full of nudity might attract at least a healthy proportion of nudies. If you do something like a sport, or a leisure activity that you don’t automatically think of being nude-friendly, I want to hear about it.

I’ve seen nudist groups go nude ten pin bowling or nude hiking and I’ve wanted to go nude surfing for several years now. Nude camping is something that my friends and I try and do at least a couple of times per summer if we can and tomorrow night we are having a nude drinks night at my mates place which seems to be a bit random in it’s scheduling but they are always a laugh. Several years ago a bunch of us were away for a weekend and we were playing pool and we decided to make it a game of strip pool. If you sunk the white ball or one of your opponents balls you had to remove a piece of clothing. If you sunk the black before it was time not only did you lose but you had to get completely nude.

I want to hear your ideas for nude events or activities. Are you a nude gamer? Do you have nude board games nights? Are there people out there that ride horses nude?  I want some new fresh ideas.