The third season of Australia’s version of The Bachelor is about to wrap up and it has become guilty-pleasure viewing for me. Why on earth anyone would put themselves through it I have no idea. We all know they are manipulated by producers and edited to portray whichever character they have been cast, without their knowledge. Tomorrow night the Bachelor has to go and visit all four families of the girls who are left. My family would never support me going on reality tv at all, let alone agree to be a part of it.

When it comes to reality tv dating shows, there aren’t many that have a lot of success. One Australian show called “Farmer wants a wife” actually does really well and I believe averages at least one successful relationship per season out of 4 farmers.

The American “Naked Dating” and all the European versions can’t possibly have a great success rate. It seems they have been created as more of a titillation than really aiming for successful relationships. Of course it’s harder to titillate the Europeans when nudity really isn’t a big deal but the tumblr blog that I found these images on, the other images from the shows all had women with breasts that looked like something out of a very blatant porno. So it’s pretty obvious that producers are choosing contestants for their physical appeal over any substance.

Would I go on a first date or blind date nude? Yeah of course I would. Why not? There have been guys that I’ve met for the first time at the nude beach after talking online. I just don’t want any tv cameras there to record it and stage it.