It’s been a policy on Aussielicious for many years that no images are posted of nude people where they don’t seem to be aware the photo was taken or given permission. On tumblr yesterday I saw a series of images that I have shared above but I’ve obscured the guy’s face. There were five shots in total and they were taken at the beach that I usually go to relax nude. The beach is a nice mixed beach with gay people, straight people and a little frustratingly some creepy people and too many clothed people.

A friend a couple of years ago felt uncomfortable taking his sweimwear off even though he’s a nudie because he was worried that someone might be taking photos. No one in particular but in general. It turns out that he was right.

In the day since I saw these shots I’ve wondered whether it would bother me if someone had taken sneaky photos of me nude on the beach. To a certain extent it is the public domain but even on non-nudist beach I think there an expectation of respect and hope that your privacy won’t be invaded. While I don’t actually think I’d be wildly upset, I don’t think it’s a very kosher thing to do. This guy may be comfortable to enjoy the sunshine nude but I’m pretty sure he would also feel at least a bit upset that these shots were taken.

It’s got me curious. I wonder if there are any sneaky photos of me out there nude?