As much as I know on a practical level that you can’t make assumptions based on someone’s appearance or what they do for a living, about how they think or act, it’s hard not to at times. If I walk into a pub and see a bunch of big muscled, tattooed footy players I naturally stay away thinking they aren’t going to be very gay friendly. It’s an unfair assumption to make but sometimes a sense of self preservation kicks in.

Reading this interview today with retired Rugby League player Daniel Conn shook those preconceived ideas up a bit. Daniel is an ambassador for Lifeline here in Australia and in the interview with DNA briefly talks about his battle with depression, being a bit of a gay ally and how his gay mates are “just like any other mates.” That’s exactly how we want it to be and it’s great to hear that a burly tattooed footballer hottie has no qualms. He even says that he knew of another first grade player that came out to him while he was playing but he’ll never name names and “it’s just another bare bum in the shower as far as I’m concerned.”

You can read the full interview here. In the meantime, enjoy the sexy photos of Daniel above. That smile would bring me undone.