Yesterday in my post about Father’s day I inadvertently upset a couple of people with the line “I called him for the day like any son should.” There should have been some qualification with that. I have a great relationship with my father so it is expected that I’d call for Father’s day. Yesterday there were several stories being told on Facebook about fathers disowning sons and threatening violence because of sexuality, or fathers just being assholes. No one would ever begrudge anyone for not calling their father if they had a father like that.

I also hadn’t thought about people who have lost their fathers. It is a situation that I can’t comprehend, not having my parents around and I realise that is a blessing. The post was written about my particular situation and how lucky I am to have my father be such a good man and a part of my life. If there hadn’t been a call made yesterday, it would have been a bit shitty on my part.

If anyone was upset by my post, I’m very sorry.