Today in Australia is Father’s Day. My father isn’t an outwardly sentimental father and he doesn’t really worry about celebrating today but I called him for the day as any son should. A lot of people are posting happy Father’s Day messages on Facebook which isn’t my thing. Dad and I aren’t friends on Facebook and I’m pretty sure he wouldn’t log in expecting to see anything there.

My Dad and I are very alike in some ways and very different in others. Since I came out to my parents nearly 16 years ago (on his birthday, oops) there hasn’t been a moment where I’ve wondered if my Dad loves me or accepted me. He may have struggled with it at first but he never showed me that struggle. He is the kind of man I hope I am. He’s not a world changer but he’s a damn good man and while he is a quiet man, he has shown me how to be a good person.

In celebration of Father’s Day, I’m re-posting this video of Dad’s reading the book “I think I’m a poof” by a friend of mine, Samuel Leighton Dore. The book is written as a tongue in cheek way of reminding dads to be accepting. Last time I posted this I know a lot of people had issue with the messages in the book but it’s simplistic and exaggerated like most kids books. Seeing these dads of gay sons reading this book makes me smile.