Last week I was perusing Tumblr as one does, usually one hand scrolling on my phone and the other, well, busy, when I came across the photo above. I reblogged it and in the caption mentioned not knowing who he was. Now my Tumblr feeds through to my twitter and within half an hour I had the answer. His name is Cody Deal and he’s an actor who hasn’t really done a lot of big stuff. What he has done clearly, is lift a lot of heavy things up and down in the gym and eat right.

The photo above that got my attention was for his calendar. What self respecting actor doesn’t have a calendar these days? At 6’4″ and covered in beautiful muscles I think we can safely assume he’s never going to play a sensitive genius or anything that challenging. Hollywood doesn’t like to cast against type so Cody will most likely always play jock boys and thugs but he’s pretty and buff so why not?