I was very lucky this Australian winter to escape for a few weeks to Europe to sun myself nude. Sadly coming home to winter was a bit of a rude shock to the system and I’ve been dreaming of being back in Europe getting tanned and hunting Viking husbands.

As of yesterday, September 1st Spring has started in Australia and the nights haven’t been quite as cold (by our standards) and the days are getting longer. My nude mates and I are finding our thoughts turned to planning naked camping trips and beach days. Hopefully it won’t be too much longer before it’s warm enough for a few hours in the sun getting my arse a bit browner again before I lose all the tan I got in Europe.

We are very lucky here in Sydney with our weather. Our winters are very mild compared to other parts of the world and it’s only been a month or so that I’ve had to wear a jacket over a jumper when I leave the house of morning. Climate is the one factor that makes me hesitate when I think about living and working somewhere else in the world. When I was looking at an opportunity to work in San Francisco I was concerned about how I would cope with the temperature.

Fingers crossed I’ll be nude in the sun with my mates in very little time at all.