This afternoon on Tumblr I came across the image on the left above. I knew I’d seen the other two images and reblogged them on tumblr as well. It’s always fun when you see an image and then over time find more from the series or featuring a guy that you find very attractive.

The photo on the right was the first of the three that I saw and reblogged on tumblr and remembering the middle one I thought initially they were all both the same guys. It turns out that the guy sitting on the shoulders is clearly someone different but the other guy is in all three photos. That fairly naturally leads me to the conclusion that he is a Corbin Fisher or Sean Cody porn model. Both studios feature that boy next door kind of jock guy that I so love.

Both the guy in all three photos and the other guy in the two left photos look so hot naked in the sun on the beach. It’s no wonder people pay them to be filmed having sex, if indeed they are porn models. Whoever they are and whatever they do for a living, bless them and their penises for sharing it with the world.