A couple of weeks ago I’d been chatting to a local guy on Scruff whose profile says he likes giving massages. Perfect! Who doesn’t like getting massages? He was very much on the same page as me about what he liked. Both of us nude, not about a happy ending but a nice regular massage but with the sensual energy that builds when both of you are nude.

So I went around there one night a couple of days later, got myself naked and lay down on the massage table. Soon after he was naked and the massage had started but I soon noticed something that kinda put me off. He’d left his shoes on. We were in a room in his home and he was giving me a massage. We weren’t hiking in the wilderness or going for a run but he’d left his shoes on. I just don’t get it. If his feet were cold I could have understood socks perhaps but running shoes as well? No.

Maybe he watched a lot of porn in the 90’s when the guys’ tight jeans or police uniforms came off but somehow their shoes miraculously stayed on. I never quite got that. For me nude is totally nude unless you are nude camping and walking somewhere that requires shoes. For sex, nude is definitely totally nude.