My housemate goes away for a month or so this Friday morning which means I have the house to myself and there will be not much clothing worn during that time.

All afternoon this afternoon I was chatting to friends about an upcoming nude drinks night at a friend’s place, the possibility of going to the beach as soon as it’s warm enough and hopefully a nude camping trip soon as well.

My housemate isn’t a nudie at all and doesn’t understand why you would do anything other than sleep, shower or shag nude. The idea of hanging out nude with mates is very foreign to him. After all the talk of being nude today I nearly walked in the house and took of my clothes. It turns out that I could have wandered around nude quite happily as he’s still not home but that’s ok. It’s still a bit chilly here.

I’ve often said I would love a housemate that is comfortable with nudity. The two previous housemates regularly saw me nude and one of those would wander around nude as well but we didn’t sit around nude watching tv or anything. Maybe that will have to wait til the mythical day I find a husband to live with.