I’ve posted about my wish list of celebrities that I want to photograph a few times on the blog and now I have an opportunity to photograph someone in the public eye. He’s not hugely famous but a lot of people in Australia certainly know who he is. He apparently really likes my photography and wants to collaborate with me on a shoot. I’m not sure when the shoot will happen as he’s not always in the country. So now I have to come up with a concept to shoot that works for both of us. He has a very big personality but I don’t want to use that. I want to capture a more stripped back portrait of him.

If this shoot goes well it could very much open doors to other people in the public eye. He has a lot of contacts in the entertainment world and I’d be crazy not to try and make the most of this opportunity. I’m not going to say who it is, nor is it any of the people in the photo above. They are certainly still on my wish list.