Yesterday I had a message from a guy that I initially met through this blog. He’s now living in Melbourne and playing football to stay fit down there. Now he wasn’t specific so I don’t know which code of football he’s playing. We have a few options here to play. Rugby League, Rugby Union, AFL or Soccer so I’m just going to call it football.

He was saying that they’d played a game at another team’s home ground and in the locker room afterwards, instead of having a home team and an away team locker room, everyone was in together including the big communal showers. Now I know that in old sports clubs that haven’t been renovated or updated then communal showers are sometimes still a thing that exists but this is the first time I’ve ever heard of opposing teams all showering together. He said that a few guys showered with shorts on but the vast majority stripped off and just got on with the showering.

It was something that was very good to hear. Football teams are pretty famous for showering together and naked hijinks in the locker room and a team that sees each other in the shower after every training session and game would be so comfortable around each other but add another 11-12 naked guys to the mix and I wonder what the dynamic was like.