Last week I received a message from a guy I know on Facebook through the Active Naturists blog. He has written an article for that blog but was nervous because he was taking the plunge and including photos that were full frontals of himself. He messaged me because he saw that I had posted frontals of my own a few weeks ago and wanted to say it helped him make the decision.

When I posted those shots I was nervous as hell. There are other frontals out there of me on the internet but posting them on this site was something I’d said I’d never do because I didn’t want to make friends uncomfortable. One friend made a comment but it was perfectly fine. He’s one of the few friends that hadn’t seen me nude but obviously he reads the blog and had seen all but the full frontal. Ultimately the decision just came down to the fact that I genuinely don’t really care anymore if people see my junk on the blog. I was also pleasantly surprised that the trolls I’ve had in years gone by on Aussielicious all seem to have moved on. Maybe it’s because the hits aren’t what they used to be or because I stopped biting to them, but I didn’t receive one negative comment.

Now don’t go expecting my cock to be on Aussielicious all the time from now on but it may appear from time to time.