A few months ago I was having dinner with a friend who has a business that is doing very well who has recently relocated to San Francisco to give the business the best opportunity to succeed. I jokingly asked if they needed a graphic designer and he said they did. Unfortunately the job opportunity along with the opportunity to relocate to S.F. didn’t work out. It has planted a seed however in my mind about the chance for a change, to shake things up a bit.

While I love Sydney and love the lifestyle here, there isn’t anything really keeping me here. Sure, my family and friends are here, but I can always come back. San Francisco would have been a fantastic place to relocate to. It’s such a fun city. The weather would have been a bit cool for my tastes but there would have been so many opportunities for road trips and adventures.

If anyone has any leads on jobs for a Senior Designer/Artworker or Photographer somewhere cool in the world, send them through.

Uncensored SF Bike Ride – Oct. 18, 2014 from Cary Chauvet on Vimeo.