On my last day in Copenhagen a guy I had met here in Sydney and through friends over there, took me to a place called Amager Faelled. It’s an out of the way piece of parkland that is all long grass, reeds, trees and men cruising on the trails and in the long grass. I’ve done my share of cruising over the years but not very regularly at all these days as it’s usually a lot of effort for little reward.

My “tour guide” told me all about it before we went. You can lie in the long grass in the spots that have been flattened before by guys and just sunbathe and relax or you can have a bit of a wank and be seen or you can join in. It all sounded lots of fun.  Let’s just say I had my fair share of fun in the sun that day, but that’s not what this post is about.

There was one guy there that I was really keen to have a bit of fun with but he’s not what a lot of people who know me would think of as turning me on. He was maybe a few years older than me and while far from obese I would describe him as cuddly and not wildly attractive in the face but I was drawn to him. He was completely shaved and looked great lying there in the sun. Of course it didn’t hurt that he had an absolutely beautiful meaty uncut cock and huge low hanging balls. Sadly he was just there to enjoy the sunshine and do some people watching.

A lot of people have made assumptions that I only go for beautiful model type guys because of the guys I photograph and the guys I post on here but that’s not the case. Not exclusively anyway. The guys in the photos above are a good indication. Both are pretty beefy and apart from not being hairy, they’d probably be described as bearish and I want to get it on with either or both of them. Maybe it’s the meaty goodness they have on display between their legs. Who knows.