John Bortolin has spent the last couple of years working towards the goal of publishing his own photography book and with Manscapes, he did it and did it beautifully. The 152 page book features 25 different models all captured beautifully around the Byron Bay Shire in Far Northern New South Wales.

I had seen bits and pieces about Manscapes online early this year and then saw the stand that John had set up at Mardi Gras Fair Day and I wondered how he’d done it. John and I were recently put in touch by a mutual friend who has recently been photographed by John, who thought we could benefit from each other’s experiences. One thing that I’ve struggled with as a photographer of the male nude is the constant reluctance of guys here in Sydney to go frontal. It’s not something I have to do with every shoot but as a photographer sometimes it’s limiting when models won’t pose frontal. John has clearly had no problem with that as just about all the guys in the book have gone frontal.

I’ll be doing an interview with John about his creative process, his photography and the men he photographs in the next couple of weeks but in the meant time, enjoy these beautiful photos of stunning men. You can also go and order your copy of Manscapes by visiting