It’s fairly common knowledge that drugs like meth are a real problem these days. It’s also no surprise that sex on drugs is also incredibly common. As someone that has done some party drugs but has decided they aren’t for me, it’s not a situation I can relate to. I have had sex on G once and get the appeal but for me, sex is pretty darned fun sober.

There are lots of guys out there having so much sex on meth that they are now afraid to have sex sober. A friend of a friend let his guard down in a conversation with me once probably two years ago and told me that he hasn’t had sober sex in 7 years. From other conversations I had while travelling it seems that it’s not unusual.

What I’m even more terrified about is the fact that drugs are so ingrained in the world of sex now that the act of taking them has become sexualised. If you follow any of the non-vanilla tumblr blogs you are almost guaranteed to see photos or videos of guys slamming (injecting) meth with comments and reblogs all talking about how hot it is. There are even blogs devoted to guys smoking while fucking.

Are we now so bad at real, genuine connections, that we have to be off our head to have sex and sexualised the act of getting off your head so you can actually have sex? It’s so sad. I have my sexual insecurities but there is so much fun to be had without a needle in your arm.