Being on holiday you aren’t distracted by the day to day frustrations that you are in your real life and that gives you the space to fill your eyeballs with the local sights. ie. hot men.

The Croatian men for my personal tastes were a little hit and miss. When they were good they were really good. They had a bit of a cockiness to them and seemed a pretty good mix between the Mediterranean guys and the Eastern European guys of say, the Czech Republic but with more of a tan from better weather. When they were nude on the beaches I certainly was appreciative.

When I got to Spain I remembered how sexy they are. It’s a very blatant sexiness with the Spanish. It’s all smouldering brooding bedroom eyes, thick dark eyelashes and full lips. Their gorgeous tanned skin is very sexy, especially when it’s not covered by anything as they wander around nude in the sun with their lovely meaty appendages swinging in the sun.

For me though it was Copenhagen and the delicious Scandinavian men who really best fit my “type”. My type is broad and not confined to skin colour or race but those damned Vikings had me nearly walking under traffic and into the harbour. Their cheekbones were blocking the sun. They rock a blonde man bun better than anyone I’ve ever seen and there is a casual elegance to their sexiness. It’s not preened or as strived for as other places. The Danes are just a relaxed, stylish sexy. If I could find myself a Viking husband I’d be back there in a flash.

Men Of Scandinavia – Winter from Men OF Scandinavia on Vimeo.

The video is a bit of the photographer's Franz Fleissner winter work diary. Showing Swedish male fitness models in "The great outdoors"
I have always been fascinated by natural surroundings, light settings and the different seasons of the year. That’s why I am especially fond of location shoots in the outdoors and, like many classical artists, uses this to get more exciting and dramatic reactions. Especially with the Swedish climate, which can be icy cold and windy, forcing both model and photographer to concentrate under extreme conditions. The best Franz