Before my trip I joked with a friend that if I couldn’t get laid on a boat full of naked gay men then I should put myself down. I also blogged about my concerns I had about some guys expecting an orgy on board. Neither concern turned out to be an issue. The couple that had sounded like they were up for an orgy were lovely and were basically just saying that people shouldn’t worry about offending them, which was pretty much the attitude of everyone. On board I saw a few boners and a couple of cheeky discreet blow jobs but no one made a big deal of anything or drew attention to it.

I had a bit of a holiday fling on board with a lovely Swiss guy with lots of kisses, sleepy cuddles in the sun and some other fun that won’t be detailed here. That’s he and I having a nap on board one day taken by another guy on the boat. Apparently my arse is much larger than I thought and radiates the sun.

The perk of being single when traveling the globe is that I’m free to hook up if the mood strikes. There was very little action for me in Spain but that’s not to say it was innocent. There certainly was lots of lovely big pieces of meat swinging around in the sun at the beach and the beach out of town has a cruising area behind it. Take that how you will but I’ll leave that right there as well.

Copenhagen saw some fun as well which was great as the men there were totally my taste. Having said all that, it would have been great to be traveling with a partner to share the memories with. Getting on Grindr or Scruff while traveling showed me that while the faces were all different, the whole experience was pretty much as unfulfilling as it is at home.