A while ago an artist friend of mine asked me if I knew anyone who would be willing to pose for him nude and be filmed for a documentary while doing it. I put my own hand up as well as asking some friends if they’d be interested. Yesterday was my turn.

The artist is the very talented Guy James Whitworth who I have blogged about before. He’s collaborating with a filmmaker friend of his on a documentary on masculinity, body image and what they mean to me and how I feel about my own body and masculinity etc. It’s quite confronting standing very still, completely nude and talking about what you like and don’t like about your body, what you’d change and what your opinions on masculinity are.

As comfortable as I am being nude on beaches, with friends and in general I’m never or very rarely the only one nude in a room. I’m certainly not used to being the only one nude and the centre of attention.

Above is the sketch that Guy did of me. This was mainly for the purpose of the filming. We will be doing another sitting to do a portrait drawing at some stage in the near future.