After ticking off my bucket list trip through Croatia, naked on a yacht with 18 other guys, it was time to head to Spain. Sitges to be precise.

I landed in Barcelona on Sunday 5th July and got the bus out to Sitges to meet my dear friend John whom I hadn’t seen in nine years. I had been to Sitges before and probably wouldn’t have gone back if he hadn’t been living there but it was a warm, sunny, naked friendly alternative to visiting he and his lovely husband in London.

At some point during the week I told him that I’d been really nervous about catching up again. We hadn’t been in touch a lot lately and you never know if you’ll still have anything in common. Needless to say we had nothing to worry about. It was like we’d caught up a few weeks ago. As he said it is the sign of a true friendship.

During the days he was off at work so I’d go sun myself nude on the beach then explore town and after a siesta catch up with him in the evening for a beer and a swim on the beach before people watching over dinner and catching up on the last 9 years. Watching the hot Spanish men and the hot tourists on the beach was certainly good for my eyeballs.

I took myself in to Barcelona one day by myself and John and I went in one afternoon together before his hubsand arrived from London for the weekend. Seeing the two of them again and having an absolutely magical day for my last day was probably the best day of my trip overall.