In Copenhagen I had the pleasure of finally meeting someone I’ve been chatting to online for years. Mikael has been reading Aussielicious for some time now and then we started following each other on Instagram which then evolved into being Facebook friends.

Mikael had some time off while I was there so, very kindly played tour guide for me walking all over the city telling me about things we saw while we chatted about different things. It had been Mikael that told me about people skinnydipping quite legally in the harbour in Copenhagen. As well as showing me a great nude spot on a canal and other cool parts of the city, Mikael and I planned for him to model for me.

So it was on the Wednesday Mikael and I found ourselves walking through a beautiful huge park near Klampenborg just out of town. There are hundreds of deer in the park and we were lucky enough to see two beautifully magestic stags who calmly looked at us then wandered away.

Mikael was a trooper. It wasn’t very warm that day and we had to keep an eye out for cyclists, walkers or horse riders. Even though Denmark has some very liberal attitudes towards nudity we weren’t sure how legal it would have been to have him nude in the park. It wasn’t a well planned shoot on my part as I didn’t know the area but ultimately we got some photos that I’m very happy with. I’m not sure what will happen with them but it was great fun to do them.