On my second last night in Sitges I was out with my very dear friends for a drink and something to eat. Sitges is pretty well known as a gay tourist destination so I hadn’t been surprised when I saw a couple of people I know of from Sydney in the crowds. On this night though we were walking down one of the streets between some bars, the streets full of guys, when I noticed someone cowering against the wall. They weren’t cowering in fear from an argument they were having with anyone. The guys around this guy all seemed relaxed.

It was a really odd body position to be in and covering his face with his hand and turning in toward the wall. Of course when someone does something odd, it makes them stand out which is pretty much exactly what this guy didn’t want to happen. When I looked closer I saw why he was hiding. It was my first boyfriend of 16 years ago. As far as I know he’s been in a relationship for several years with the same guy. This is the guy that with another boyfriend several years ago was kissing his boyfriend in a bar while shooting me death stares.

Now I have no desire to talk to him or know what he’s up to in life. This is a man I had to threaten a restraining order to get rid of him. I would have been perfectly fine, if I’d seen him, to pretend he didn’t exist and would have expected the same from him. There’s no need to act like you are in a terrible game of hide and seek and draw attention to yourself by mashing your face into a wall in a foreign city. He always did have a flair for drama.