Sailing nude through Croatia had been on my wishlist for a few years and thankfully, it lived up to the expectations.

Day one was the meet and greet, shopping day. We set sail the next day around lunch time and the magic moments started not long after. That afternoon some guys were having a nap down in the cabins when our skipper slowed the boat right down and tied a buoy to a long rope and about five of us jumped in and were towed behind the boat, naked hanging on to the rope.

The rest of the week was full of laughs, drinks, great food and a lot of nudity. As expected there were people on the trip that I got on with better than others. There were a couple of guys who were quiet and a couple of really fun guys that kept everyone’s energy up with really great humour. Some nights we spent in quiet bays anchored alongside our other boat of guys and other nights we would be at Marinas in towns which gave us access to real showers and better toilets.

I would say that by boat is the best way to see Croatia. It’s a gorgeous country and the Dalmation coast is just beautiful. The water is cleaner than the Mediterranean but slightly cooler. The food is beautiful if more similar to Italian than I expected. Would I go back? Absolutely, but there’s too much of the world to see. Europe felt very comfortable to me and I want to see more and more of it. Naked of course.