This holiday has only reaffirmed that Europe is leading the world in their attitudes towards nudity.

While we were sailing through Croatia, or swimming nude from a beach somewhere, the only time we got a shocked or tittilated reaction was from tourists. Any time locals went past us on the boat or beach they barely registered we were there. Nudity is just not a problem.

In Sitges it was even more apparent. It had been 13 years since I had been to Sitges and I remembered there was a nude beach in town but only up in one small section of the beach. My friend took me to that beach (he doesn’t get nude, so I didn’t with him) and I was surprised to see that there were clothed and nude people all mixed in together all over the beach. Families with kids playing in the water happily not giving a damn about the naked people sunning themselves or wandering around. Exactly as it should be.

Copenhagen was probably my favourite example of the attitude. It’s not illegal to be nude anywhere in Copenhagen and as a result it’s not unusual to see someone strip off beside the harbour right in town and jump in for a nude swim. We saw this on my first full day there being shown around by a friend. Three guys were going for a training bike ride. One of them stripped off and went for a dip while the others patiently waited. He climbed out as we walked past and just said hello. In the public swimming pool I went to, nudity is mandatory in the open showers and steam room there and no one gives a damn at all. I think Copenhagen is my spiritual home. I just need to find myself a nude Viking husband.

The photo on the left is me at a bathing pavilion in Copenhagen. The right is me at the beach in Sitges.