The first stop on my trip was Bangkok. I arrived in the late afternoon and by the time I got to my hotel I knew I didn’t have the time to really explore the city as the hotel was quite a long way out of the city so I focused my energy on finding a new Japanese-style onsen that I’d read about.

It took a while to find it after an hours cab ride and then another ride on the back of as motorbike taxi but find it I did.

The Yunomori Onsen is a beautiful modern version of an onsen with baths in various temperatures plus steam room, sauna and chillout areas to be enjoyed after you scrub yourself clean,

Most of the clients are Asian which was always going to be the case. There were a few of us Caucasians in the mix and most people were carrying their little towel in front of them for a hint of modesty but I only saw one guy that seemed determined to cover himself.

After a long flight it was a great way to relax.

How to Onsen from Leslie Marsh on Vimeo.