I am back in the country and fighting off the jet lag. My plan landed in Sydney this morning at 7am and I’m all unpacked and the washing is mostly done. Sadly Sydney is not as warm as Europe was.

There will be full recaps of the holiday over the week but I have had an amazing time away and luckily it wasn’t one of those holidays that went by in a flash. It feels like I was gone for ages and I am very glad about that. There was lots of nudity, as expected on this trip but it had lots of other magical moments with friends both old and new.

These are a few photos of me. One from Croatia in bed having a nap with one of the other guys on the boat. The skipper took this shot and sent it to me later. Mine is the enormous looking arse on the right. The next shot is me on Playas Del Balmins in Sitges in Spain relaxing a LOT. The last one is when I was about to dive into the chilly water of a canal in Copenhagen. Those Danes really know how to do nudity. More on that later.