Today was my last day at work before my big adventure tomorrow. It seems like so long ago that I booked the flights which was seven months ago but on the other hand it feels like it’s arrived so quickly.

My bag is packed and I’m as ready as I’m ever going to be. I have a European SIM card and all the details I can handle. I’ve even packed swimwear just in case my mate in Sitges, Spain joins me at the beach and doesn’t want to do a nude beach. Let’s see if we can convert him.

It was two years ago that I had my last big international adventure to Burning Man with friends. Europe feels like it’s going to be even more amazing and nourishing for the soul. My sense of adventure needs a good workout. I’ve been in a rut and it’s time to shake that off.

I may schedule one or two posts to happen while I’m away but I’ll be largely silent on the blog while I’m away gathering stories and experiences to share when I get back. Thanks for all the lovely emails and well-wishes. I’ll catch you when I’m tanned and relaxed!