This week the organiser of our sailing trip sent us all an email with directions to the meeting point and a run down of what will be happening. The email had everyone’s email addresses visible so that we could network and say hi if we needed to. One couple were the first to message and at the end of their email was something along the lines of “We’re both very open-minded. I don’t know what the rules of our sailboat will be but there’s no reason for people to be shy around us. Take off your clothes and do what you like!”

I have no problems with this at all and I’m open minded as well but it got me thinking about whether people are expecting this to be a very sexually oriented trip. I am not a prude in the slightest and if someone starts fooling around I have no issue with that at all as long as there is consideration and respect for those around them. It would surprise me if some shenanigans didn’t happen.

From time to time as a gay man you hear “Stop being so uptight. We are all guys let’s just do what comes naturally.” Sure if it’s consensual and both parties are willing but I’ve heard that more often than not after saying I’m not interested. Just because we are all gay men doesn’t automatically guarantee I’m interested. There is a little matter of personal taste, attraction, chemistry, respect and situation to factor in. If a couple gets horny over the dinner table I’ll probably take issue with it.

It will be interesting to see the dynamics at play.