The 2015 fitness challenge has finished here on the blog. It’s been up and down for a few of the guys participating with two of them not sending in final photos at all. The other two I will be posting tomorrow.

I took my “after” photos this morning at the gym and overall I’m fairly happy. There was no stunning revelation of discipline or diet overhall. Things did improve and I did start working out a bit more intensely which was great and I don’t think I look too bad. A few people have commented that I’ve toned up a bit which is good.

Given that today was likely the last day that I will get a chance to work out, this is the body that will be sailing nude around Croatia in just over a week. Whether I would like it to be better or not is irrelevant now and to be honest, that’s perfectly fine with me. This holiday is a much needed escape and adventure. As a friend of mine said recently, if you can’t tone it, tan it and that is what I will be doing naked on a boat with 20 other like minded naked men.