The weather in Sydney, after weeks of very mild winter, has turned to shit in the last two days and it’s predicted to last another five days or so. The rain is coming down hard outside at the moment and it’s doing nothing to discourage me from going on my naked European summer adventure.

It’s only six days until I go. Three more working days. I’m not built for winter at all and Australia doesn’t even have real winters compared to most of the world but it makes me grumpy. With the holiday looming so close and the weather turning cold and dark I’m finding that I’m getting irrationally grumpy in the office. With the shortest day of the year only three days away we can start thinking of summer beach days and camping trips but for three and a half weeks, while Sydney gets rained on I will be soaking up as much relaxation and sunshine as I possibly can working on my all over tan.

The guy in the photos above clearly isn’t in Australia, but that’s a pretty good representation of how the weather feels to me at the moment. I wouldn’t be smiling about it though.