I know you don’t consider yourself homophobic or bigots because you don’t agree with marriage equality but I’m sorry, you are. Let me clear up a few things for you… Marriage is not a one-in one-out situation like an overcrowded nightclub. By allowing we homosexuals to get married not one straight couple will be forced to divorce. Nor are “the gays” trying to destroy any nation by asking to be allowed to be married. We are not tearing, or even mildly fraying, any fabric of society. We don’t even want to fade the fabric of society.

There is a “christian” couple here in Australia who are threatening to get a divorce if marriage equality becomes legal because it will redefine and diminish the meaning of marriage. I hate be the one to break it to them but if they get divorced surely that’s going against the true spirit of marriage “til death do us part” and all that. I don’t believe the vows state “til a couple our narrow minded views don’t agree with” tries to get married and we throw a tantrum.

I know there are lots of conservative crazies out there saying we homosexuals are trying to force straight people to enjoy anal sex, or forcing kids to be gay etc etc. No. Statistically men who identify as straight are many many times more likely to be pedophiles than men who identify as gay. Your precious religious leaders are way more likely to fuck your children up for life than we homosexuals.

We mean no harm. We come in peace. All we want is the right to pledge our commitment and love to another person as you’ve been doing for many years. We’ll probably do it better.