A reader commented on my post about Adam Levine getting nude asking if the word skinny is used in a derogatory way. I would say yes and no. Does that help? Of course not. A guy I know has offended a few guys in the past saying they have a great big arse. He means it as their arse is big and he thinks that’s great, but of course most people think he means enormously big.

Long ago before I hit my late thirties and finally experienced my metabolism slowing down, I would have people saying they were jealous of the fact that I stayed “so thin”. Name me one gay man apart from perhaps an androgynous drag queen that loves being skinny? No. The gay world celebrates muscle and muscle alone. Sure the body part du jour changes from chest to but to legs to biceps but no, you have to have muscles to be worshiped in the gay world. Do I agree? Nope.

Back to Adam Levine, just tonight I was asking some straight friends what they thought of him. He seems to be a celebrity that people either love or hate. For me, he’s got a swagger and sexuality reminiscent of Mick Jagger. I don’t think he cares if you think he’s hot or not. He has a banging hot wife and has slept with a bunch of models and seems pretty darned comfortable in who he is. I described it as a feminine masculinity. He doesn’t need to prove to anyone but himself who he is.

As to the question of can skinny be hot? Fuck yes. I know a few skinny guys who wear it really well. I also know some guys that carry some extra kilos but wear that bloody well as well. This may sound hypocritical given the fact that I would love a rocking muscle athletic body and am often frustrated with my own physique, but rock what you have as long as you are healthy. If you feel self conscious about it, turn the lights off when you have sex and treat it like an amusement park ride.