Today I had one of those moments when I tried to reach through the computer and grab a message and drag it, kicking and screaming back to safety. To no avail.

I was in a text conversation with a mate of mine. We’d been planning on going to have a soak at the asian baths on the weekend but then changed our mind and had planned to go to the gay sauna. Basically the goal was the same, relax naked in a hot tub and steam room but with the added bonus of being able to hook up if someone took our fancy or have a wank to some porn. Then my friend got sick so we cancelled. Today’s conversation was about possibly rescheduling. My friend has been chatting to someone on Scruff who is also a nudie and there was a conversation about which venue to go to.

I hit send on a message that said “Maybe we should go to the non-sexual one if you aren’t well and your mate from Scruff wants to join us.” As that message disappeared into the internet I realised I had accidentally replied to a message from my sister asking “which one suits you?” in regard to a dinner this weekend or next. I scrabbled around trying to find out if there was a way to stop it going through. Nope. It was too late. I sent her a message saying “So sorry that was a very wrong message for the very very wrong person.”

After confirming which weekend I wanted to come for dinner she replied “Now I’m going to delete this message thread.”

You could say I’m a little mortified.