A while ago I posted about a couple of guys that I know of who always seem to find joy in life. A couple of weeks ago they got married. They got married in Spain because it’s legal there and they are living in London so it was somewhere warm to have a great few days away with friends form all around the world.

I have never met Kirk, but Nick is a very sweet guy who clearly appreciates the love he has both with his friends and his husband.

Today I found out that Guam has legalised gay marriage, or more accurately removed any legal impediment to it. Australia used to be one of the most forward thinking countries in the developed world. Now with an ultra conservative government who cares more about money and being idiots than they do for the environment or human rights, we are lagging so far behind that developing nations are overtaking us. There are reports circulating this week that the government’s more conservative members are moving to stop gay marriage at any cost saying that it is not inevitable. Sorry, it is inevitable. At worst, when this government is ousted for the terrible job it’s done, marriage equality will sweep in quickly.

A film-maker friend was at the wedding of Nick & Kirk and put together this beautiful video to celebrate the occasion. Let it make you cry and make you smile, like it did to me.

Nick+Kirk Wedding in Ibiza from Wallaby Way on Vimeo.