On July 12 I will land in Copenhagen. I was there many years ago in December of 2002 and December in Denmark is very different to December in Sydney. It was so damned cold I didn’t know what to do with myself.

This time it will be summer when I’m there and I can’t wait. In my 5 or 6 days in Sweden and Denmark I got the impression that wisely, everyone hibernates indoors in Winter and they would come alive in Summer. With the famous European attitudes towards nudity I was surprised to find researching this trip that there aren’t a lot of nude options in Copenhagen. A friend will show me what is on offer but I expected traditional saunas etc which don’t really seem to be a thing there.

One thing Denmark does have is the Roskilde Festival. It’s a music festival with an annual nude running race around a course through the crowd. It seems to attract a diverse range of bodies both male and female but all very scandinavian and naked. There are some gorgeous men who are very much of my type. I’ve always had a thing for that scandinavian look but who can blame me? Cheekbones, blonde hair and blue eyes for days. So it would seem that while there isn’t a lot of organised nudity there aren’t a lot of issues with it either.

Apparently it’s not illegal to be nude around the entire foreshore of the harbour in Copenhagen and it’s not unusual in Summer to see office workers at the end of the day strip off and dive into the harbour for a swim. I wonder if anyone goes nude in the popular harbour pools there?