In just over three weeks time I’m going to be sailing for a week along the Croatian coast, naked with about 20 other men. As a photographer and someone that likes to record what I’ve been up to I am hoping to take lots of beautiful photos of the scenery. To me that includes the people I’m with but because it’s a clothing optional holiday that will have to be handled delicately. I’ve decided that I don’t care if I end up in people’s photos of the trip and I don’t really care if some of those shots end up online which they may or may not do.

On Saturday night I was at a nude party and was talking to one of my mates about it and asked if he’d be ok with photos. His reply surprised me. I thought he’d be ok with it but he said “probably not.” There are a couple of guys I know from here in Sydney who are going on the sailing trip as well and they were basically only ok if they weren’t recognisable.

So I’m putting it to you, dear loyal readers. If you were in a clothing optional environment would you be ok with photos?

UPDATE: For some reason the poll isn’t working. It’s not loading for me and so far no results have been logged. Love to hear more comments on this.

Are you ok with photos when you are nude?

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