After over a year of speculation and a fair amount of ridicule, Bruce Jenner has departed the public eye and has been replaced by Caitlyn. If Kim blatantly tried to break the internet a few months back, Caitlyn has surely shown her how to do it with class. By having a powerful message to share, Caitlyn has become the first trans-woman that a lot of sports loving men would have ever come across and now, like homophobic people finding out they have a gay son or daughter, they might change their attitudes.

There have been some cynical responses to Caitlyn’s debut, mentioning how easy it would compared to regular non-famous, non-rich people. struggling. Sure, money would make it a little easier. Surely the intense scrutiny of being in the eye of the storm that is the Kardashian family would make it a million times harder. Being a former Olympian would add another layer to that.

I will say that having professional stylists and makeup artists and being photographed by the legendary Annie Liebovitz is one hell of a way to make a stunning debut. Congratulations Caitlyn. I for one, applaud you. Leading the way and opening eyes to so many people has probably saved dozens, if not hundreds of gender-confused people out there.