Well after all my research into what to do in London for an afternoon/evening, it seems it’s all come to naught. I had an email yesterday from my travel agent saying that the flight from Bangkok to London that I was booked on has been cancelled and I am on a later flight. Basically instead of spending 20 hours or so in London and a few hours in Bangkok, it’s not 20 hours in Bangkok and I don’t get in to London til 7pm. That means that by the time I get through customs and get the tube into town it’s going to be at least 9.30pm and since I fly out at 7am from a different airport there’s no chance of seeing anyone or exploring the city.

A really good mate of mine who lives in NYC is going to be in town at the time and I was really looking forward to catching up with him. Another friend was going to let me use their apartment for the night but now I think I’ll just book a room in a hotel close to Gatwick airport as I need to be up really early for the flight the next morning.

Now I’m looking for things to do in Bangkok for the evening. I arrive mid/late afternoon and will be staying near the airport but I’m planning to head into the city and explore.