The last couple of days have seen a huge shift in momentum for marriage equality here in Australia. After Ireland’s referendum people were calling for Australia to have one but a referendum is only for constitutional change and at the moment our constitution doesn’t specifically say anything about marriage being between a man and a women.

Our leader of opposition, the ever-beige Bill Shorten and his Vice Tanya Plibersek have tabled a Bill to change the law to allow marriage equality. There are also other Bills from the Greens and a member of the ruling party. Our illustrious leader, the ultra-conservative and ultra-backward-thinking Tony Abbott has hinted that he might finally allow a conscience vote within his party which til now has been the biggest stumbling block in getting marriage equality passed into law. Tony may finally have seen that he’s on a losing team trying to hold back the march of progress out of the dark ages.

Even conservative political commentators and radio talkback hosts are saying it’s time to just legalise equality and move on. Mr Abbott has ruled out a debate and discussion on the topic during this session of Parliament while he tries to get his budget passed but it is likely to be debated and voted on in August when Parliament reconvenes.

To think that when I came out to myself and shortly after, to everyone else 16 years ago there was no chance of marriage equality. To me it was like the Berlin Wall coming down or the end of Apartheid had been as a child. A wistful dream. Now Australia may finally join the progressive world and see equality by the end of the year.

The photos above are from the wedding I photographed in Adelaide back in March. Love these boys.