A couple of months ago a friend was interstate on business and staying in a lovely hotel room in a high rise hotel. He sent me a text message saying he would love to have sex up against the window and be watched. The idea is hot but I don’t know that I’d be brave enough. I would quite happily walk around naked in a high rise hotel room like that with the blinds open. If someone is offended by that then they shouldn’t look. Putting on a sex show is a little different.

There was a story in the U.S. a few years ago of a guy being sued for indecent exposure walking around in his own home when someone looked in the window and saw him, despite the fact that they had to basically be trespassing to see him. That is an absurd ruling in my opinion. If you can’t walk around your own home nude, where can you? It’s pretty easy to put some window coverings up to save inflicting your nakedness on people walking down the street that might not want to see.

All the guys in the photos above are doing what I would do. A bit of cheeky nakedness on a balcony is pretty harmless and fairly discreet from street view.

Where do you draw your modesty line?