The last week has been a love-filled week. Last Tuesday two of my closest friends got engaged when one proposed to the other on his birthday. Sure, it’s not legal here yet but maybe by the time they set a date and plan the wedding, Australia will have joined the 21st century.

On Friday, Ireland became the first country to legalise marriage equality by a popular vote with over 60% of the voting population voting to support equality. While I don’t think my rights should be voted on by a popular vote, the fact that such a strong percentage of Ireland’s population supported the change, in such a conservative Catholic country, is absolutely fantastic. The outpouring of support and congratulations has been brilliant and humbling to watch. Our own Prime Minister who himself has a lesbian sister, still refuses to see that ruling with a fair hand instead of a bullying, sulking arrogance would work better, has said that he is unmoved by Irelands referendum. His own sister who is running for politics has said the tide is turning but her brother seems to be an unmovable force. Thankfully most people expect him to be a one term wonder.

This weekend just passed, a guy I know from my days in the Lifesavers Mardi Gras float married his boyfriend in a ceremony in Ibiza. From all the photos I’ve seen all over facebook it looks like it was a spectacularly fun and laid back wedding with the whole town basking in love.

Congratulations to my dear friends and distant friends. Here’s hoping one day I get to experience it.