Tumblr is a magical land where almost any fetish seems to be covered. Like most of the internet tumblr seems to be mostly about porn and who am I to complain? A few photos have popped up recently that have made me smile. These guys are all working nude. Sure, some are contrived for the photo but some appear to be for a dare or even just for a laugh.

One day I have a dream to run a little Bed & Breakfast somewhere quiet on a bit of land. When I stayed at Absolute Paradise B&B in Hawaii the guy that ran the place had a really good life and the idea of running something like that really appeals now. A gay clothing optional B&B with a handful of rooms, a pool and a bit of land would be bliss. If I had a bit of land and a pool and a decent sized house then I’d need some help with maintenance. A pool guy, a gardener and a cleaner would all come in handy and if I’m running a clothing optional B&B why shouldn’t they be nude too?

Just for a laugh I did a search on Sydney and San Francisco craigslist for nude services. It’s not surprising that 95% of them were sleazy guys looking for female models or ways to get off but there are actually a handful of legitimate nude house cleaners etc. I wonder how many people offer their “regular job” services with a nude twist?