With my much anticipated holiday just 32 days away now my mind has been thinking of all the preparations, making sure accommodation is sorted, flights all organised, directions, what clothing I’ll take and all the other things that need to be done. One of the things that has crossed my mind if I’m going to be in a group of 20 gay men sailing nude for a week is what grooming I’ll do.

My legs are usually hairy and I keep my pubes trimmed pretty short and shave my balls. Other than that I’m naturally smooth anyway so I don’t need to worry about back hair etc. For this trip I’m thinking of going pretty much totally smooth. I’ve done it before and I like the feel of it. I know it’s not everyone’s taste. I saw a guy online the other day that said “men that shave should be arrested and shot.” which I personally think is a touch overboard. Are we still not at the point where people can do what makes them feel good without judging them for it? Apparently not.

Regardless, now that I’m a bit more toned than I was and feeling good I think pretty much smooth is the way I want to go.