It’s been a while since I have posted much about AussieBum and that’s mainly because I can’t go on to their site without being too tempted. With a holiday to Europe coming up I needed to make sure I had enough underwear and with some of my older pairs wearing out finally it was time to go back and pay the AB team a visit. What did I see there but some outrageously bold compression tights for working out. There aren’t many people who would have the guts to wear these to the gym but I know people who would absolutely wear them. Crossfit people seem pretty adventurous when it comes to gym attire and some of the guys I know would wear them in a heartbeat.

Personally I would love them for circus class but with aerial silks track record for destroying clothes they are a bit too pricey to wear to class. They would be perfect for circus class and no carny has ever said that an outfit is too bold. Not that I’ve heard of anyway. The AussieBum motto is “If you doubt yourself wear something else” after all.

If you are adventurous and need something eye catching to wear to the gym, head on over to AussieBum and get yourself some Pro-Fit.